extra credit #10

As an overall, this class was helpful to begin to think in a deeper level and to begin to understand the system view vs the linear view of things. The main thing that I liked about this class is that for the most part the videos, the reading, and the community service had a deeper meaning than

Barefoot economics extra credit #9

In the interview to Chilean economist, Manfred Max-Neef titled Barefoot Economics it talks about stepping away from the book knowledge and starting to understand economics by experience and by hands on. I was very surprised with the idea, that this well known economist who is world recognize and has a heavy reputation and a  long

Extra credit #9

In the documentary Guns, Germs, and Steel by Jared Diamond he talks about how some people have more than others base on the geography in which they establish. At some point, I believe that geography does helps and might of helped the europe and to further develop than other countries  But, I don’t think geography had anything to

extra credit#8 from the take

In the documentary, The take, I think that the most important fact is hope. The workers fought for their right to work, the right to fair  treatment, to be empower, and they won. I think that this movie is a clearly a good example of bad management, ,capitalism, and politics driven by greed. The workers are

Serve or be served

In the reading of Jane Jacobs, back to reality, I agree with the idea of rating the countries by how productive they are globally. Trading goods is an ancient part of society. Since the beginning of time wealthy people traded goods to show off their wealth. Yet, there are those countries that take advantage if


In the video RIP! A Remix Manifesto it talks about copyrights and how it is hurting the creative process. Personally, I thought that the video was pointless and that the intention of the documental wasn’t very clear or well presented. On the other hand, I agree with the idea of anything that is created should